Welcome to my life..

Almost all journalists have some sort of place they write for themselves. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, I decided to pick myself up and try something completely different by way of moving to P.E.I. Over the last two years of living on the Island, it’s been hard to explain to family and friends back home just what a “normal” day is for me.  It’s a beautiful place, and I’ve become much more of an “adult” after living on my own in the middle of nowhere.

This blog will highlight just some of the hilarious and cringe-worthy elements of moving halfway across Canada, to a place with a population less than 200,000. A major player you’ll hear about will be my roommate, dog daughter and overall best friend Beau. An Islander herself (Tignish to be exact) she has enough sass for 10 gay men even though she is a 30 pound Australian Shepard.

Welcome to my life.